Ainsley Proffit- Alpine D

September 19, 2018 2 Comments

My name is Ainsley Proffit, I was recently named to the US Ski Team and I am raising money to offset the costs of the 2018-2019 ski season. Currently the US Ski Team gets zero government funding to help guide athletes to the Olympics, so I am asking for your support to help me continue my race career.

I am from St. Louis, Missouri. I started skiing through public NASTAR races, and then found out about a ski team located in St. Louis called Hidden Valley. I joined the team when I was eight, and trained there every day until I was 12. The Hidden Valley Ski Team introduced me to racing and our family would travel to WIJARA and USSA Races throughout Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and Iowa. Competition stakes started to get higher, so I looked for training facilities out West. There, I could challenge myself by training and racing at a higher intensity on the large mountains compared to my little hill at home. Since making the move west to train and compete during the winter, I was named to the Rocky Mountain All-Star Team, the West Elite Team and ultimately now to the US Ski Team. I now spend the race season in Lake Tahoe, California training with Sugar Bowl Academy during the winter months.

Last season I started racing the FIS circuit. At the FIS level, you are competing against people of all ages and become ranked internationally. I claimed my first win at Snowbird, Utah in the Slalom event back in January. As I continued into the season, racing just got better and better. Soon enough Nationals arrived, and it was my turn to compete head to head with the best of the United States. I earned 10th in Slalom, 13th in Alpine Combined, and 14th in Super G. By the end of the 2017-2018 ski season I earned a Top 5 World Ranking for Slalom, and a top 5 in all disciplines in the USA for my age.

This year I have goals of achieving even more success and hope to earn a place competing at the World JR Championships. Training and competing at the international level this season will present many challenges, and your support will greatly help me build success and reach new levels of competition.

Thank you for your time and support, donations directly fund my training, travel and competition expenses. Please follow my progress this season on Facebook @ainsleymproffit and Instagram @ainsley_proffit for continued updates.

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Fae Dundalli
Fae Dundalli

February 17, 2020


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Steve Walker
Steve Walker

December 22, 2019

Keep up the great work Ainsley. I can’t wait to see you compete in the Olympic Games.

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