25 Hours in Frog Hollow

October 16, 2017


It’s that time again to start thinking about our favorite fundraiser where we get to ride our asses through the Utah desert for 25 hours of Frog Hollow. This year the race begins on November 4th so save the date! 

For those who haven’t raced 25 hours of Frog Hollow, it's the longest one day race of its kind, and boasts a 9 mile single track downhill that kicks ass and is a much better ride than the 24 hr race in Moab. The course sits right at the mouth of Zion so you get to stare down her beauty for a good portion of the ride. It’s a dreamscape. We had a blast last year and would love to continue the tradition of putting anaerobic athletes in aerobic conditions. 

Right now we’re trying to get a grip on how many teams we are going to have. Ideally we would like to get 5 + teams of 4-5 individuals so we can expand our networks and raise more dough for the cause. All proceeds will go towards funding US Ski Team athletes who are returning from injury and/or cannot afford the high tuition the USST has placed on their athletes this year. 

Moving forward it would be great to get an idea of who is up for captaining a team of their own. Most of our fundraising efforts will be done through online donations so that part is relatively painless. Team captains will be in charge of selecting their teammates, team sponsors if you find one, any communication surrounding fundraising, as well as making sure everyone signs up for the race. In essence you have to do a little hand-holding but overall it’s really not much work. 

That being said, let me know who is interested in taking the plunge and playing in the Utah desert before the snow flies. Please contact info@worldcupdreams.org to organize a team or individual looking to join a team. 

Thanks for listening and stoked to hear from all of you!

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