How It Works

World Cup Dreams Foundation (WCDF) exists to support, protect and inspire athletes. Financial need is one of the main issues facing many athletes.  WCDF helps athletes raise money for their expenses providing back-end support like donation processing and accounting.  We have three fundraising options for athletes to run campaigns using WCDF.  Unfortunately at this time, we do not have a pool of money to issue grants directly to athletes. We are working on it.

To clarify, you would apply to WCDF for help running your own fundraising campaign.

Using WCDF to raise money is primarily beneficial for the donor.  Donors tend to give more to a 501(c)3 non-profit and some have funds or trusts that can only donate to a registered non-profit.  In order to do this properly, the correct process must be followed for WCDF to remain compliant with IRS regulations. 




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