Our Story

Deep in the soul of every athlete is a kid who fell in love with their favorite sport. A love so deep that every minute, of every day, of every season, consumed them until their dreams became a reality.  

More than just another non-profit organization, we consider ourselves enablers of dreams.  We started World Cup Dreams because we believe Athletes should be laser-focused on their careers, not fixated on financing them. 

We are by the athlete and for the athlete.  

Our mission:

To further the growth and development of the nation’s best athletes by helping them realize their athletic goals and dreams through career management, mentorship and financial support.


For every dollar raised more than 90% goes back to the athletes. There's no big office, no fancy cars, no big salaries, and no unnecessary overhead. Just a band of brothers and sisters who want the best for the next generation of dreamers. 

Founded by American Downhiller Bryon Friedman and Giant Slalom specialist Erik Schlopy. World Cup Dreams raised over $1,000,0000 funding dreamers of all ages and disciplines from Olympians, to Junior National Champions.